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SeaFunc: Stumbling Monk

Neat! The Seattle functional programming group meets at The Stumbling Monk on Olive Way.

The Stumbling Monk is a great little hole-in-the-wall with essentially no decor, the bartenders are approximately college kids with an intricate knowledge of beer varieties, and all they have is Belgian beer. When I was there they had a stack of very obscure board games in the corner. It used to be in the storefront next door, and it used to be a brewery-paraphernalia shop, rather than a bar. At some point they moved into the abandoned typewriter shop on the corner, and didn't bother to freshen up the awning, which still has faded, partially-fallen words ("Typewriter") from the shop that had been there before. I'm glad they didn't change it; it's a venerable, recognizable piece of recent Seattle history, mundane to the outsider, but familiar and sweet to the Seattle resident.

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