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Running Links

In trying to get Links running, here are some things I had to do:

  • edit the OCAML_DIR variable in the Makefile to point at ~/lib/
  • Download the OCaml-PostgreSQL interface from http://www.ocaml.info/home/ocaml_sources.html
    • make it, but not make install--instead I copied its lib directory into my ~/lib/postgresql directory.
  • Download and compile (the same way), these packages: netstring: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2001/04/msg00212.html curl:

  • Had some trouble with the PCRE package, needed by Netcgi_fcgi. The trick in the end was to replace:

export INCDIRS
export LIBDIRS

in OCamlMakefile with

export INCDIRS=/home/s0567141/Downloads/pcre-6.4
export LIBDIRS=/home/s0567141/Downloads/pcre-6.4

  • Lots of trouble building OCamlNet. Jeremy gave me a hacked version of it which worked great. Need to get this checked in alongside the Links source.

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