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What I'm doing now

So what I do lately is I work for a company in Cambridge, MA that has a big XQuery engine for searching "semi-structured" databases. That is, we use language technology to allow people to write nifty searches.

I had some other interesting job offers, but I took this one because (a) it was in the Boston area, which is where I wanted to be at the time and (b) I wanted to get behind one central product and contribute some programming-language knowledge to it. I was surprised to discover a company that would let me do both.

As part of what how we're improving the product just now, we're building a parallelizing compiler for relational algebra—roughly the sort of stuff that titilates me as a langauge engineer, and tangentially (at least) related to some of my thesis work.

Since it's a company trying to compete against others, I probably won't be blogging much about what I'm doing at work, but I still hope to keep this blog active and post researchy notes here.


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