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A located lambda calculus

Oh right. Last week I submitted a paper to ICFP. Here it is: "A located lambda calculus," by Ezra elias kilty Cooper and Philip Wadler. The abstract:
Several recent language designs have offered a unified language for programming a distributed system; we call these “location-aware” languages. These languages provide constructs that allow the programmer to control the location (the choice of host, for example) where a piece of code should run, which can be useful for security or performance reasons. On the other hand, a central mantra of web engineering insists that web servers should be “stateless”: that no “session state” should be maintained on behalf of individual clients—that is, no state that pertains to the particular point of the interaction at which a client program resides. Thus far, most implementations of unified location-aware languages have ignored this precept, usually keeping a process for each client running on the server, or otherwise storing state information in memory. We show how to implement a location-aware language on top of the stateless-server model.

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