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CS & Gender Notes from All Over

Duly noted:

UC Berkeley opened a program in 1983 as a pathway to graduate study in computer science for women and minority students who were underrepresented in Berkeley's crowded and competitive program. Two female Berkeley graduates, Paula Hawthorn and Barbara Simons, noticed in 1982 that the number of female graduate students entering the CS program was actually decreasing over time as the requirements became more geared toward people who had pursued a standard math or engineering track.

The Computer Science Reentry Program at Berkeley gave 159 students a concentrated education in upper-level computer science classes. Ten of those students have gone on to get PhDs. But the program had to fold in 1998 when California passed Proposition 209, which prohibited any state-funded programs that discriminate based on gender and ethnicity.
—"Nurturing the Drive," Charlie Anders. San Francisco Bay Guardian, Jan 10, 2007.


Citation, Mr. Researcher? ;)

Good heavens; I've never done that before. Thanks, Sean; I've posted the citation.

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