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Bugs fixed in Links (Mutually-recursive functions, etc.)

Today, I got mutually-recursive functions working at the toplevel in the Links interpreter. I also modified the way pickling is done to make sure that we never try to pickle a first-class OCaml function. Gilles did a weird thing of putting the functions that implement Links primitives. This makes them hard to pickle. I pulled them out of the environment, but we still have the problem that partial applications of primitives won't pickle right: it loses the args and forgets how many have been applied. That should be straightforward to fix, although it requires changing every primitive in the book.

I also want to start creating end-to-end tests that check that our web interface is working OK. There's a lot of untestable stuff there right now, which makes me nervous. I'm looking into using perl's WWW::Mechanize for this.

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