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Links on MacOS X

UPDATE: This post originally refered to the version of Links that was current at the time. Updates made Jan 31, 2007 are in parens.

I got Links running on MacOS X today. Here are some things you have to do:

  • Install PostgreSQL from source. To do this, download the source and follow the instructions, but after ./configure and before make, you (no longer) have to:
    • undefine HAVE_POLL in src/include/pg_config.h (change the relevant line to #undef HAVE_POLL )
  • Install postgresql-ocaml (latest version in Markus Mottl's directory). Note that you don't want the postgresql-ocaml library that comes up first in the Google search; that's an older version. You want Markus Mottl's version.

    In one case, I had to modify OCamlMakefile to set INCDIRS and LIBDIRS to point to /usr/local/pgsql/include and /usr/local/pgsql/lib, respectively.

  • (No longer required.) Install pcre (get it via FTP). To do this, follow the instructions, but after ./configure and before make, go into the file libtool and change the line
    allow_undefined_flag="-flat_namespace -undefined warning"
    (it appears twice in the file)
  • (No longer required.) Install pcre-ocaml (latest version found in this directory)
  • >(No longer required.) Install findlib (ocamlfind)
  • (No longer required.) Install equeue
  • Install ocamlnet
  • (No longer relevant) Don't install curl (ocurl). At least, I couldn't get it to install—I got some kind of mismatch between it and the libcurl headers that were installed on my MacOS 10.3 system. Instead, I redefined the grab_url function in sl_import.ml so that it wouldn't use curl for now.