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Gripes with SLinks Implementation

Things to change when we re-do it:

  • OCaml is annoying:
    • Syntax too verbose.
    • Syntax errors are unhelpful (Syntax error)
  • Build objects into a build directory.
  • Get rid of sl_ prefix on everything.
  • Eliminate 'conn which infects all the expression types.
  • Need comment syntax in Links
  • Only one expression is allowed per batch file. Want more to support easy testing.


  • Why are results and expressions different types? Answer: because it separates eval'd and uneval'd objects.
  • Why is the environment split into two values, globals and locals? At least, make it (globals, locals)? Answer: semantics are different; also we want to avoid marhsaling "static" data.
  • How best to do a testing framework in Links?

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