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June 29, 2006

On Semicolon Wars

The recent American Scientist article, "The Semicolon Wars," by Brian Hayes, is a reasonably good short introduction to the history and variety of programming languages. I'm pleased with the author's even-handedness in presenting opposing viewpoints without taking sides.

My only beef is that Hayes applies the outworn, yet still circulating, classification scheme which distinguishes four types of languages: imperative, functional, object-oriented, and logic. These qualities are more like independent axes for measuring programming languages, rather than discrete categories. Most object-oriented languages are imperative, but some are functional (e.g. OCaml, CLOS and, I'd argue, Haskell). Logic programming has been screwed into Scheme (viz. Kanren in Scheme, probably others). Some functional languages have imperative features (Common Lisp, SML), while some "imperative" languages have functional features (viz. higher-order primitives (map, grep, filter) in Perl/Python/Ruby).

This categorization scheme should be abandoned and the communities entrenched in their positions should cross borders and see what the others have to offer. All the cool languages are doing it.

Final note: The article partly exemplifies Wadler's Law, in that a whole page is given over to the discussion of syntax: semicolons, comments, and identifier conventions.


Overheard on IRC channel #haskell:

• vincenz btw notes that #haskell is one of the greatest channels around, you ask questions in other channels and if you're not 100% accurate, they shoot you down instead of guessing what you really meant

June 19, 2006

STM in Pugs

Pugs (the Perl6 implementation in Haskell) has started to add STM, à la Haskell. Audrey says they're missing certain combinators, which sound to me like nearly all of the necessary ones, but still it sounds like they "get it." Audrey also hints that STM may be part of the standard concurrency model for Perl6 widely, and that some Summer of Code project is working on adding STM to Parrot.

I'll be pretty interested to see how all this pans out.